Our Key Objectives 

Underlying our objectives is our commitment to enable young coders to feel valued, happy, healthy, safe and to achieve their full potential. realise their ambitions. 

Crack the Code Programme Application

Working Safely with Children


As part of our commitment to keeping children in our clubs safe, Crack the Code requests that all our staff have an Enhanced DBS check. 
Crack the Code lessons are fun and safe places for children to learn. Crack the Code is committed to following best practice when it comes to safeguarding, and we do all we can to make sure that our volunteers know how to protect themselves and the children they work with. For more information please read our Child Protection Policy

TO PROVIDE learning and training that encourage young coders to uninhibitedly bring out their creative talents.

TO KNOW and understand the aspirations of our young coders to help them realise their ambitions.

TO ENSURE that we are open to the needs and wants of all young coders so that they are able to demonstrate their capabilities.

TO PROMOTE the participation of young learners and their parents by involving them in shaping our services.

TO WORK in partnership with parents to seek their inputs and views in the moulding and nurturing of each and every one of our young coders.

About our Payment Schedule

You can make monthly payments or per term. If you choose to pay per term, you are entitled to 10% discount on a term's fee. 

Payments can be made online or in person.