CRACK THE CODE is an IT training provider for young people aged between 7 and 15 specialising in coding, robotics and problem solving. The courses we offer are built from the ground up keeping in mind the needs of the future, and more importantly, the young coder in mind. 
We make coding, robotics and problem-solving intelligent and fun-filled. 

Our purpose is to create pathways and possibilities for the young person in the field of coding so that the skills learnt could be applied in any field the young person chooses to specialise in the future: software could be taken into fields as diverse as gaming, biology, chemistry, algebra, language, music and sports.

We aim to tap into the creative powers of your child. It is all about ‘cracking the code’ and take coding to the next level. 

We facilitate the youngsters to transform their creative ideas into real products of technology through projects. The training system will seek to provide young coders ways in which they can better channel their imagination into accomplishments through our expert training, support and guidance. 

The coders will be trained at three levels: the Champ, the Pro and the Master

The Champs start with the basics of coding. At this level, the students build a solid foundation on the fundamentals of coding, gaming, robotics. 
The Pros build on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at the Champ level. In addition, the Pros will also learn more advanced concepts than those ones learned at the Champ level. 
The Master level is the most intense of the three levels. When young coders have passed through the Champ and Pros levels, they should consider themselves prepared for the Master level.


Our Values

We provide every student with an outstanding training within a supportive, vibrant and stimulating learning environment. Our training methodology enables every student to
realise their creative potential through practical training and by working on real projects. 


At Crack the Code, we develop every student to create their own pieces of work through guided training. Students bring their projects to life under a nurturing and caring guidance of their trainers. 



Students learn as they engage in shared activities and conversations with others including other students and trainers. We encourage this process by getting them to work collaboratively with others. To enable children to share their project with
world-wide online community. 

Our Mission

To enable every child to develop and build their coding skills through creative and critical thinking to become an architect of their own future.